Naima Sheikh – Getting Digi With It

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Naima Sheikh – Getting Digi With It

Digital organization made simple, so you too can end the frustration and have an uncluttered, organized file system.

Do you create a new folder every other day, just so you don’t have to go looking for the last one that had your “branding files”?

Was it called branding project or my blog?

And where did you “file” (and I use the term loosely here …) those pictures you were going to make into a stunning collage in time for your kid’s birthday?

Wait — talking of kid, where did you save that permission slip scan?

If any of this sounds familiar, I invite you to Get Digi With It, and transform your busy, messy, stress-inducing computer “filing system” (and I use the phrase loosely here …) into a real system that works for you.

Discover the 6 simple steps you can take today to conquer digital clutter, and keep your files clean and safe without breaking into a technical sweat.

Take an hour today — that’s all it will take to set this up — and go back to that digital scrapbooking project you’ve been meaning to finish … if you could only find those files.

Your Instructor


Teaching Tech Without Trauma or Drama

Hello, my name is Naima and I’m a Digital Strategist.

I help individuals get over the technical and creative humps that stand between them and successfully taking their expertise to market.

Sometimes we can see exactly where we want to be, and what we want to do. Only thing is, there are annoying little things that tend to get in the way.

Sometimes these “things” are little mindset gremlins. But more often than not, they are creative and technical skills that seem just out of reach, like building a website or creating a cover.

Does that sound familiar?

I work with my clients to get clear on what their end game is, and to develop a solid strategy with actionable plans to get there.

But I also coach them and help them acquire “mini online business skills” required in our internet economy, so they can thrive in taking their expertise to market.

Whether in a corporate role or a solopreneur, it is only through clarity, skill acquisition, and focused action that growth can be achieved, both for business and for personal fulfillment.

I bring 20+ years of corporate experience in applying technology and smart work processes to business growth, and share that experience through my courses, ebooks and of course, in person.

Course Curriculum

Getting Digi With It
  • The 6-Step System (20:59)
  • [DEMO] Setting Up Your Workspace Folders (6:06)
  • The PDF

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