Joe Marwood – Analysis Of Entry Signals Part Two (Fundamentals)

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Joe Marwood – Analysis Of Entry Signals Part Two (Fundamentals)

Analysis of 22 fundamental indicators to see what works and what doesn’t.

In this 1-hour tutorial you will learn the historical performance for 22 different fundamental indicators.

Fundamental indicators like price-to-earnings, price-to-sales, revenue growth, cash-to-market cap and many more.

Each of the 22 indicators are tested with various settings rendering 90 combinations and over 4.5 million historical trades.

The idea behind this tutorial is to analyse a large amount of historical data to see which fundamental indicators contribute to alpha and which fundamental indictors add little value.

You will learn which fundamental indicators to use in your trading strategies and which ones you should ignore.

You will also learn a simple example system that takes this research to a new level.

Signals Tested

The analysis covers 8900 US stocks between January 2005 and January 2021 including delisted stocks.

The idea is to use large sample sizes to find consistent, reliable entry signals and discover what is working in today’s stock markets.

What You Will Learn

The analysis is designed to uncover market truths, discover small edges and point you in the right direction for future research.

It will provide you with the confidence to build your own investing and trading strategy using fundamental data.

The research is not designed to give you a complete system. Rather, the research provides insights which could be the ing point for a more sophisticated investment strategy.

Alternatively, the signals can be used as an initial screening tool for filtering down large numbers of opportunities to a more manageable number, ready for human analysis.

Your Instructor

Joe Marwood

Course Curriculum

Analysis Of Entry Signals (Fundamentals)
  • Introduction (13:23)
  • Behind The Scenes (9:20)
  • Presentation Of Results (6:37)
  • Summary Of Results (5:33)
  • Ratio Analysis (17:19)
  • What Have We Learned (5:51)
  • Example Trading System (9:10)
  • Resources

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