Igor Ledochowski – Conversational Hypnosis Professional Hypnotherapy 2.0

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Igor Ledochowski – Conversational Hypnosis Professional Hypnotherapy 2.0

This Program – Conversational Hypnosis Professional Hypnotherapy Training is the result of over a year of work by Igor and his partner to bring it into being. As each and everyone of you know, Igor demands a high level of quality for each and every one of his products before he will release them to the public.


DVD 01 – Group Training Induction & Instant Hypnosis

DVD 02 – The ABS Formula, Power Words & How To Effortlessly Deepen Trances

DVD 03 – How To Create Inductions By Combining Hypnotic Themes With Power Words

DVD 04 – Hypnotic Flow, The Hypnotic Blitz & How To Never Need Another Hypnotic Script Again!

DVD 05 – The Secret Of H+ & How To Revivify Powerful Hypnotic Experiences

DVD 06 – How To Harness Unconscious Symbolism Through Visualizations & The DMI Process

DVD 07 – How To Quickly & Safely Deal With Subjects Who Freak Out & The DMI Process Part 2

DVD 08 – The Non Awareness Set Demonstration & Warm Up Exercises

DVD 09 – How To Master The Foundations Of The Non Awareness Set & Demonstration

DVD 10 – Advanced Non Awareness Set Strategies & Advanced Demonstration

DVD 11 – The Hypnotic Context, Magic Moments & The P-CAT Formula

DVD 12 – Resourcing Tools & Mind Bending Hypnotic Language

DVD 13 – How To Run Mind Bending Language Loops For Change

DVD 14 – Using Mind Bending Language With Real Problems & Demonstration

DVD 15 – Hypnotic Regression Training & The Days Of Wonder Demonstration

DVD 16 – The Ultimate 12 Step Regression Therapy Demonstration

DVD 17 – Regression Therapy Secrets Revealed

DVD 18 – How The Total Reintegration Method Works Important Principles & Full Demonstration

DVD 19 – How To Do The Total Reintegration Method Yourself With Step By Step Guidance

DVD 20 – All Your Questions About Hypnosis Answered

DVD 21 – How To Successfully Run A Hypnosis Office The Right Way & End Of Training

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