Igor Ledochowski – Beyond Self Hypnosis

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Igor Ledochowski – Beyond Self Hypnosis

Beyond Self Hypnosis – 19 DVDs

DVD 01: Mentalization Techniques & The “Unfamiliar Room”

DVD 02: How to Switch Off Fear, Mindfulness, & Integration Breathing

DVD 03: Mindful Mentalizations & Accessing Your Inner World

DVD 04: “Mental Gymnastics” & Important Steps When Working with Your Unconscious Mind

DVD 05: Rules for Safely Navigating Your Mind & Getting Pure Unconscious Content

DVD 06: How to Dial Up Your Experiences & The Power of “Benign Attention”

DVD 07: Mindful Movement, Diving Into Spontaneous Unconscious Content & The Strange New World Exercise

DVD 08: How to Create Vivid Landscapes with Remembered Journeys & Unconscious Symbols

DVD 09: How to Control Mental Experiences Without Over-Controlling & Blocking Unconscious Content

DVD 10: Advanced Mindfulness, Grounding & Having Profound Deep Trance Phenomena

DVD 11: Transformational Training & Deep Trance Identification

DVD 12: Equanimity & Putting the Entire Beyond Self Hypnosis System Together

DVD 13: Skills Review & Putting The Beyond Self Hypnosis System Into Action

DVD 14: Creating and Inner Practice Room & Experiencing Deep Trance Identification Progression

DVD 15: Deep Trance Identification Progression Part 2 & The Transformation

DVD 16: The Inner Healer Progression (Physical or Emotional) and Relaxation & Sanctuary

DVD 17: How to Practice The Beyond Self Hypnosis System & The Practice Pitfalls to Avoid

DVD 18: Setting True Goals with The Beyond Self Hypnosis System & Using “Futurescope”

DVD 19: Expectations, A Student Examination of Skills, & Conclusion

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