Dan Lok – Dan On Demand 2019

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Dan Lok – Dan On Demand 2019

Statistics Report 1,700 New Millionaires Are Made Each Day…

Could The “Millionaire Mindset” Be The ONE Thing These Millionaires Have That Most People Don’t? Find Out Below…
Some have called it “Think And Grow Rich for the 21st century”… others have called it “The No B.S. Law Of Attraction”… some have even called it the “New Psychology of Wealth”…
#1: Monthly LIVE 2-Hour Masterclasses Where I Don’t Just Give Lessons… I Dive Into Key Mindset Principles That Made Me A Millionaire
In these LIVE monthly masterclasses with me…
I’ll reveal the NEW psychology of wealth (in the past, clients have paid $10,000.00 an hour to get these secrets.)
#2: Monthly Recording Of The LIVE 2 Hour Masterclass – Rewatch And Access The Training Anytime, Anywhere!
It’s never enough to watch a training just once.
When people watch the monthly training multiple times, they will start to see how a millionaire thinks!
#3: Monthly Dan On Demand™ Quickstart Guide Designed To Make It Easy To Implement What I Teach In Each Class
Dan On Demand™ is about providing the exact actions anybody would need to take once they get the right mindset, so there’s no guesswork.
Not only that, I also give each of my Dan On Demand™ students supplementary guides and tools to get the most out of this program.
#4: “Millionaire Book Club” Recommended Book Of The Month & My Personal Notes Of The Book To Get The Secrets Of All The Best Books Within 15 Minutes Or Less
With so many books out there, it can be hard to know which ones are going to make the biggest impact – and with more distractions, noise, and work than ever, people have less time to read than ever.
So I’ll share the top books which have helped me the most and I’ll reveal the secrets I find in these books that I don’t share ANYWHERE else. Not on YouTube. And not on Instagram.
Dan On Demand™ members get the best secrets in under 15 minutes – without having to read any books!
#5: Access To The Dan On Demand™ Private Facebook Community Of Literally THOUSANDS Of People Who Are There To Motivate, Encourage, And Support Each Other
Most people fail to get the most out of life because they don’t have the right support network. The majority of people around them are negative and would rather complain and whine than do something… so they don’t get the support they need.
That’s why I put together the Dan On Demand™ global Facebook community.
This is where people come at any time to do deals, connect, and meet like-minded friends who “just get them”.
#6: Receive A Digital Copy And Audiobook Copy Of My Best-Selling Book F.U. Money
In this book, I’ll share my personal journey with all the good, the bad and the ugly.
Some people have called it “The Millionaire Mindset 101” – and it’s one of the most important books to read for those who are serious about thinking like the rich.
Monthly LIVE 2-Hour Masterclasses ($20,000/mth Value)
2-Hour Masterclass Recordings (Priceless)
Monthly Dan On Demand™ Quickstart Guides ($97.00/th Value)
Monthly ‘Millionaire Book Club’ ($97.00/mth Value)
Access To Private Facebook Community ($297.00/mth Value)
F.U. Money eBook/Audiobook ($25.00 Value)
And For Those Who Join Dan On Demand™ Today, They Get These Exclusive FREE Bonuses:
FREE Bonus Gift #1
The First Million™
($249.00 Value)
This exclusive training reveals the simple 7 step method I’ve used to build dozens of profitable businesses.
Some of my students didn’t know a anything about business… some were already in business… and some were business veterans.
They all agreed that after attending The First Million™ they NEVER saw business the same way again. In fact, they said, “this is like an entire MBA in just 2 hours!”
FREE Bonus Gift #2
The 7-Figure Business Blueprint
($97.00 Value)
This bonus lays out all the tricks and tools to create a business – or scale a business FAST, using what I teach in The First Million™.
This bonus is every little pearl and nugget of wisdom that I’ve has picked up after being in business for 20+ years and starting dozens of highly profitable businesses in all sorts of industries.
It’s like sitting next me in my office and getting my best business advice!
FREE Bonus Gift #3
3 Key Takeaways From The 80/20 Principle – And How To Live An Amazing Life Doing Only 20% Of The Work
($97.00 Value)
This bonus explains exactly I was able to make 10X MORE money without working any harder. In fact, I was making MORE by working LESS – and in this bonus I talk about the miracle of the 80/20 principle and how my students lives are 10X better in all areas while working less.
FREE Bonus Gift #4
Copywriting Secrets
($249.00 Value)
To get the most out of the Millionaire Mindset… it’s crucial to have the right tools to persuade and influence others to do whatever they’re told.
Well, guess what? With the Copywriting Secrets training… I reveal my most advanced copywriting secrets and persuasion tactics to get people to do almost anything that is asked of them.
FREE Bonus Gift #5
21 Proven Fill-In-The-Blank Headline Formulas
($97.00 Value)
In this report I reveal many of the simplest secrets for churning pro level headlines day-in-day-out. Most people don’t know that top copywriters don’t write ads like everybody else. They have a little bag of tricks which allow them to perform at their peak, virtually every day.
Think about this…
After watching Copywriting Secrets and using the powerful influence secrets in there, and mix that with these proven formulas, there will no longer be struggles to write great headlines that can get more customers and sales.
And it doesn’t take years of study. This free bonus has been written in such a way that develops this amazing skill in those who use it in a fraction of the time it took me.
It’s the next best thing to having a world class copywriter sit there and say which headlines to write. It doesn’t get any better than my simple fill-in-the-blank formulas.
FREE Bonus Gift #6
The Millionaire Morning
Success Ritual
($197.00 Value)
This is perhaps THE most important bonus out of all of them. In this MP3 I reveal the secret the world’s most successful millionaires use to create tons of wealth. It is also THIS secret that allows the best of the best to produce outstanding results and attract the best outcomes in a fraction of the time it takes others.
This secret method is so powerful… that… after I’ve explained it and it’s being used every single day for a short period of time (it takes just 15 minutes a day!) will cultivate healthier relationships, a better mindset, and an improved level of happiness and gratitude.
FREE Bonus Gift #7
My Top 3 Takeaways From Scientific Advertising – One Of The Greatest Books On Advertising Ever Written
($97.00 Value)
My clients have eagerly begged for my advice and views on advertising. Until now, I’ve only shared my secrets with a select few.
These are the secrets that marketing ‘gurus’ use to make millions of dollars by selling programs, services, or even events.
FREE Bonus Gift #8
Telephone Millions
($249.00 Value)
Curious what I consider the “most” important skill that thousands of my students are using to make MAXIMUM money in MINIMUM time?
Anyone who watches this training will find out what that skill is – and never be left wondering if they’re “stuck on the hamster wheel”… or banging their head with frustration because they don’t know how how to increase sales in their business or how to develop a profitable skill.
FREE Bonus Gift #9
Telephone Millions™ Million-Dollar High-Ticket Booklet
($97.00 Value)
This is a compilation of all my PowerPoint slides during the Telephone Millions™ training and more. I reveal all of my best scripts, email templates and a collection of the most advanced human psychological “manipulation” techniques most people have NEVER been exposed to.
FREE Bonus Gift #10
Millionaire Mindset Affirmations
($147.00 Value)
Everyone has mental blocks holding them back in some area of their life…
And unfortunately, for most people, the area that suffers the most is finances.
With this FREE bonus, reprogramming the mind can begin to happen, and if done consistently and properly, negative blocks holding people back from getting what they want can disappear!

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